Photography – how to make money as a landscape photographer

If you love shooting landscapes, you should know it is not an easy job. You have to go about looking for beautiful places filled with trees, snows or rocks; hard work huh! You as a landscape photographer, you would understand better. That is why is very great if you could sell the landscape photographs and make money – that would compliment your stress and effort.

You can sell your landscape photos, but it would take time, planning and effort. But eventually, you would get to sell your landscape photos.

The thing about landscape images is that they are very common. The landscape images that sell are ones that tend to be very unusual and difficult to capture. They also have a theme. If you want to sell your landscape photos, you must have a theme. Your theme is more like your niche; you have to be very specific. Your theme might be forest, mountains, coastal, country, and outback. Your landscape photos must also have a style.

If you want to start making sales, you must choose a style for your photos. You must also choose a region whose beauty you want to capture.

Once you have gotten your style and theme, you can then move on to the next stage – making sales.

In this post, I will show you how to make money as a landscape photographer.

Read on.

  1. Start a blog. This is the 1000 and 20th time I am writing about starting a blog (ok am just joking!), but you need a blog if you want to sell your landscape photos. You should create inspiring and compelling contents that people love. But you must make sure that the content you are posting goes in line with your niche. You would gain traffic through your blog. And this traffic might become great customers. You can also sell eBooks, mobile apps, and online course through your blog.

  1. Partner with local galleries. You should go to local galleries that sell works similar to what you want to sell. Partner with them and see if they will exhibit your work for a commission. When your work starts selling a lot, they will buy the work from you.

  1. Use the best approach. And what is the best approach? The best approach is to get very good at photography, then build a brand that extends Google. If you want to build a career out of selling landscape photos, you should be able to build a brand that extends Google.

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